January 2021

Companies spend a lot if time toward marketing, communications, and public relations efforts to uphold their brand. Most of the time, this can require billions of dollars on advertising campaigns and additional resources to elevate the brand. An often-overlooked insight companies make is the failure to invest in their employees’ personal brand.  For instance, customers are known to perceive the same personability traits in brands that they do in other people, according to this article. Therefore, now is the time for companies to invest in their employees’ personal brands. Three pain points this article address for this effort include: 

  1. Your Employees Are Walking, Talking Billboards
  2. Investing in Employee’s Personal Brands Strengthens Yours
  3. Employee Fulfilment Contributes to High-Level Wellness

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Why Now Is The Time To Invest In Your Employees’ Personal Brand

November 2020

The remote workforce has become much more prevalent in relation to the Pandemic. As many companies have encouraged people to work remotely, they also want to ensure team dynamics and engagement are still intact. A big takeaway from this article is: remote working does not have to be isolated, and companies should give employees the tools they need to share their culture from home. Check out this article to see how four different companies are making sure their remote workforce maintains a sense of togetherness!

4 Ways You Can Give Your Remote Workforce a Sense of Togetherness

October 2020 

Fostering an Inclusive Culture is a Business Imperative, Not a Trend

When we think of diversity and inclusion, do we think of how it translates into our workplace? This article breaks down diversity, equity, and inclusion to belonging. Consider what you can do to shape an inclusive culture by looking at each step of the employee lifecycle and creating a strategy for attracting diverse talent in your workplace. Fostering an inclusive culture is not an easy fix, but the commitment to build a culture of belonging will make a significant difference. 

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Fostering an Inclusive Culture is a Business Imperative, Not a Trend

September 2020  

Many of us are now and will continue to work from home due to the Pandemic. We are continuously trying to find that perfect balance to maintain a sense a purpose between our work and our organization’s mission. Without a sense of purpose, we can lose sight of our career goals and performance, ultimately becoming completely disengaged. This article presents “three ways to not waste this unique era and continue to feel a sense of purpose in your job while working from home”. The three ways to maintain your sense of purpose while working from home are: 

  1. Ask your colleagues why
  2. Appreciate what you have and your current situation, and 
  3. Reflect, and make the connection yourself

Check out this article by clicking the link below to learn more about maintaining your sense of purpose while working from home!

3 Ways to Maintain Your Sense of Purpose While Working From Home